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EQUAL Lab (EQuity & EQuality Using AI and Learning algorithms) is a cutting-edge research laboratory dedicated to advancing the fields of algorithmic fairness and responsible artificial intelligence (AI). With a mission to promote equity and equality in AI systems, Equal Lab harnesses the power of advanced learning algorithms and AI technologies to tackle the pressing issues surrounding bias and discrimination in machine learning models.

At Equal Lab, a team of multidisciplinary experts collaborates to develop innovative solutions that address algorithmic biases and ensure fair and ethical AI outcomes. Through rigorous research and the application of state-of-the-art techniques, the lab is at the forefront of reshaping the AI landscape to create more equitable and just algorithms.

Equal Lab’s research initiatives extend to various domains, including healthcare, finance, and beyond. By actively promoting privacy, transparency, accountability, interpretability and responsible AI practices, Equal Lab is paving the way for a future where AI technologies benefit all members of society, irrespective of their backgrounds or characteristics.

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Open Opportunities

The EQUAL lab has two Ph.D. and one post-doc position at McGill University for Fall 2024, focusing on algorithmic fairness and privacy of deep learning and generative models. If you have a solid background and keen interest in responsible AI and are excited about joining our lab, please follow the application instructions below.

Current students




Research Intern

Previous students

Prospective graduate students

Thank you for considering joining my group!

I am always looking for students to work with me in the areas of trustworthy machine learning, specifically fairness, privacy, robustness and explainability. Note that it’s very important that you and I are a good match. Once we start working together, we will be working very closely for at least 2 years (for M.Sc.) and 4 years (for Ph.D.).

I hire students at:

First, check the department’s application deadline and make sure the start time you are about to email me is still feasible. For the Fall semester, if you are interested in doing a PhD, Master or internship with me, please apply first through the Mila admission website and put in your selection there that you are interested in working with me (Deadline December 1st). If your application is successful and passes the internal evaluation, I will contact you and invite you for an interview.

Second, note that it’s hard to evaluate your application by looking at your CV. In your email to express your interest in applying to work with me, please do the following.

  • Highlight why you are interested in working with me. Check my research interests and read at least one of my recent papers and let me know which paper you read and ask one or more questions that came to your mind when you read it. Feel free to let me know what you liked/disliked about the paper;
  • Highlight any research experience you have (if any);
  • Highlight any scholarships you’ve been awarded or applied for
  • A copy of your CV and transcripts
  • A copy of a report, article, or paper you wrote (if any).
  • For students with an advanced degree (e.g., Master’s), please mention who your Master’s thesis advisor is.

Note that I receive hundreds of requests like these and unfortunately I cannot guarantee to reply individually. However, I do review what you send me carefully. Please do not send me an email about your application more than once.

Funding opportunities

Below are links to various pages on funding opportunities in Montreal, just in case you didn’t know the info & opportunities are available.

Funding for Prospective Graduate Students

Students from Canada (residents/citizens)

Students from abroad

Funding for undergraduate students (for internship/exchange)